Applying insights from social cognitive neuroscience to enhance leadership effectiveness
The SCARF suite of assessments and workshops are designed to transform the quality of thinking and performance amongst teams.


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SCARF Self Assessment

This free online self assessment gives you insight into the five domains of the SCARF model, and indicates the importance each domain currently has in your life.

Understanding which of these five domains are key drivers for you increases self awareness as to why you (and others) behave as they do in certain social interactions.
Knowing more about your own reactions leads to better self regulation and gives you more options when dealing with other people.

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The SCARF® Experience Train the Trainer Workshop

San Francisco, 22-23 April 2013

Designed for companies seeking cost effective ways to embed SCARF® into your organization, this program provides licensing for delivery of The SCARF Experience internally.

The SCARF experience is an opportunity to dive into important new brain research in an interactive, experiential way. Participants will then develop personalized strategies to effectively use these brain insights.

This workshop is being held over two days on the 22-23 April in San Francisco and is designed for internal trainers.

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Assesses a leader or managers’ social intelligence.

It defines how well a leader addresses the key social needs of others. The optimum result is that a manager’s team, peers and supervisor experience social interactions with that manager in a rewarding way.

The assessment helps leaders and managers:
  • Discover their strengths within SCARF
  • Learn about key areas for development with SCARF
  • Identify differences between their own and other’s perceptions
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Assesses how well your organization culturally addresses the key social needs of your people.

Many executives receive regular financial data about the fiscal health of their organizations, yet only know how their people are doing once a year during a performance review.

SCARFpulse allows the leaders in an organization to:
  • Understand the key drivers of neural engagement regularly throughout the year
  • Get real-time feedback on initiatives and events within the organization
  • Identify clear steps they can take TODAY
The SCARFpulse enables executives to manage their organizational culture from the driver’s seat, rather than the rearview mirror.

The frequency and speed of the tool is key: each member of the organization answers the same questions every few weeks giving valuable insight into how the organization is tracking around key drivers of engagement.

Executives can then access the data, with the ability to compare items such as teams, divisions, gender, age and roles across the organization.

This tells them where threat or reward are being experienced in real time – giving clear signposts for action.

If you are interested in bringing SCARF Pulse to your workplace contact Georgia Lush
SCARF Engage

A one-day workshop designed to introduce you to the science behind the SCARF model, then applying the findings to discover individual and team strengths and development opportunities.

In this one day workshop, participants learn what drives them and others, and how they can further enhance team performance. The workshop helps leaders and managers:
  • Understand the science behind the SCARF model
  • Discover their strengths within SCARF
  • Understand the contribution of other’s to the team
  • Identify opportunities for team development and growth
If you are interested in bringing SCARF Engage to your workplace contact Georgia Lush
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